Rochester Science Expo

  • Hyatt Regency Rochester 125 East Main Street Rochester, NY, 14604 United States

Following the March for Science, the RMS organizing committee is hosting the first Rochester Science Expo in a ballroom at the Hyatt Regency Rochester. The start time given is an approximation, as folks will arrive at various times from the March, after eating lunch, or if they did not attend the march.

At the expo, there will be a number of displays and speakers celebrating science and innovation in Rochester, encouraging the discovery of the scientist in each individual, and urging responsible use of scientific data in policy making. Presenters will include, but are not limited to, high school students, university undergraduate and graduate researchers, career scientists, and representatives from local science and technology industries. A list of presenters will be forthcoming.

Even if you are not planning on marching, please consider attending our expo. The event will have an open house feel: you will no doubt be engaged for as long as you are there, and there will be activities and speakers geared toward every age and background. The expo will be family friendly, accessible to all, free of charge, and drinking water will be provided. Please bring your own reusable water bottle.

If you plan on attending the expo, please RSVP to our facebook event. This is not mandatory but it will help the organizing committee plan the expo more effectively.